Punk Me Tender


Punk Me Tender (1982) keeps his identity well hidden even though his artworks are highly recognizable. Earlier in his career, he came up with his moniker due to his great love for the legendary Elvis Presley and started to see the street as his canvas. As a promising street artist, he managed to leave his mark across LA and fashion some of the city’s most impressive murals. He is an advocate for the sophistication of the art of sensuality and his mission is to explore freedom through photography layered with vibrant color and mixed media.

He is inspired by women, fashion and style, and offers a new, more unfiltered look on the female body, claiming that desire is the biggest drive in our souls. He usually conceptualises his three-dimensional works and modernises perception rooted in culture by making it relevant for more people, hoping to urge all to simply open their minds and reject old stereotypes.


Whether graffiti art, a mural, or photography, spontaneity is integral to his craft; he never follows a strategy or traditional creative approaches and has set no rules along his journey. He only creates works that are authentic, graphic, and raw: often black and white or colored with splashes of pink and blue. And often real pieces of clothing or exotic materials such as real butterflies. The theme of his artwork is consistent: women with an essence of empowered sexuality.
As the artist reveals, for him a mix of graffiti and fabric is an original approach that never fails to intrigue and captivate the viewer.